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We've got to send you BACK to the FUTURE!!!

No idea why I just titled this post with that. I think was thinking about writing about the past which then led to thinking about someday in the future this will be the past and then I'll be writing about how I used to have time to blog when Nathan took naps and then I started thinking about the future and back to the past which is how we arrived at the title.

So, I guess now we all know why I titled this post with that.

Oh my. This was a long day.

Thank you for the birthday sentiments! Even if you were a little guilted and begged into it, I still thank you. :)

A very long time ago, as in pre-Nater Tot (only six months, but gosh, for as fast as they've gone by, it feels like he's been a part of our family for forever!), I started telling y'all about how Jon and I met and started dating. And if you missed the beginning of the story, you can catch up here, here, here and here. :)

I think I saw Jon every day or every other day for almost the entirety of our dating relationship, except for about a month or two when he went back to his home in California for the summer. And during that month, we talked on the phone for like an hour everyday. (Seriously. My parents had to sit us down afterward and show us the phone bill for that month. Oy.) So, needless to say, we really got to know each other. And my family really got to know him too since he was over so much.

One of the coolest times when we first started dating was when my dad had a friend of his come into town and he came over for dinner. Jon was going to be a little late, but he was coming over too. And I could hear my dad talking to his friend in the other room while I helped my mom get dinner ready in the kitchen and Dad was bragging on Jon. :)

Which just made me smile because that was a definite sign that Dad liked him.

So, we'd been dating for probably about three or four months and I was working at the time as an intern for my church's youth group. Basically, I got paid to take girls out to coffee and lead Bible studies.

No better job EVER if you ask me.

Once we started dating, Jon got very involved in helping out with the youth group too. At that church, we did a huge outreach for middle schoolers every summer - and it was a TON of prep work. We filmed movies for it, we made up games for it. It was huge.

Jon was part of the movie filming and we were coming back to the church after filming all day. It was starting to get dark and we were unloading some of our equipment from the back of Jon's 4Runner. Jon took a load in and I was gathering up more when he got back. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and, unknowing to me, leaned over to kiss my cheek.

Right as I turned my head and was like, "Hey, Jon, could you---?"

And to this day, I swear that our lips brushed.

Which is when I freaked out. "OH MY GOSH!" I yelled. "We just kissed!"

"We did not! We did not!" Jon said. Which he repeated the rest of the night. "I promise, we didn't. We didn't kiss, Erynn."

Meanwhile, I was completely bummed out the whole rest of the night because here I'd just had my first kiss and I'd missed the whole thing.

Completely. Bummed. Out.

Which I kept saying over and over. "I cannot BELIEVE I missed it!!"

Jon took me home and pulled me aside before we walked in the house. "Erynn. Seriously. Someday, I hope I do get to kiss you and when that day comes, you will know that you just got kissed. Got it?"

Um. Yes, sir.

That someday DID come, but I'm going to save that story for later!

Ha! I love sharing these memories!! :)

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