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Appointment and More Memories :)

Today was the last of my two-week doctor appointments. It's every week from here on out! So crazy! Today is also the first time I've had a caffeinated Dr. Pepper since I got pregnant - and I think the little mister loved it just as much as I did. I was craving it SOOO much today! I couldn't resist - we drove to Sonic and picked one up before the appointment. :)

It made it hard on the nurse to get his heartbeat though, because he kept kicking the heart monitor off. :)

And here's me at 35 weeks tomorrow!

So, I believe we were reminiscing, right? :)

After the four hour lunch date, Jon and I went and got coffee, he came over and watched a couple of movies at my house, and I went with him to watch one of his friend's rugby games (did I understand it? No. Did I care at all about it? No. Why did I go? Because of the guy who asked me). And this went on for about two weeks.

So, naturally, I assumed we were dating.

Apparently, that is not the conclusion that Jon came to. Because, one day, he had to go pick up his roommate from the airport after church and he asked me to go along with him. We were sitting on the side of the road leading to the airport waiting for Johnny to get there when Jon says, "So, I uh, really like you and um, I'd really like you to be my girlfriend."

To which I said, "Um. I thought I already was?"

It was really romantic.

Later that night, Jon was leaving my house after dinner. I walked him out to the front porch and we were standing out there talking for a little bit.

Small side note that Jon was not aware of: When I was a sophomore or junior in high school, I decided that I wanted my first kiss to be when I got engaged. I thought it would be so romantic and I also thought it would protect me from kissing a bunch of guys that I would inevitably end up not marrying. Both good reasons. Both things Jon did not know.

We were standing on the porch and it was a little bit chilly, since it was early April and it was completely dark outside except for the porch lights and the stars, and Jon bent down and...

I realized what he was about to do right before he kissed me, so I instinctively turned my head and he ended up kissing my cheek.

It was SO awkward!

And then, I was so completely flustered that all I could say was, "Okay, well, good night, drive carefully!" and then I hurried back inside and closed the door.

Poor Jon. I was so rattled when I got back inside. I walked in the kitchen and both my mom and dad were in there and Dad asked what had happened since I guess it was obvious that something had.

I told them that Jon had tried to kiss me and I'd turned my head and they both started laughing so hard and Dad said, "Well. That is probably the last we'll see of him."

:) I love remembering these days! I felt so bad that night! And... I guess you'll find out how Jon reacted to my "news" later. :)

How about you guys? What are/were your boundaries when it comes to relationships - dating or friends?

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