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So, since Jon and I got married, I think you can probably guess what his reaction to my Lip Free Zone rule was. :)

Not only did he call the next day (so glad Dad was wrong!), but he came over for dinner. And the entire time he was there, I kept trying to tell him about my no kissing stance and each time I opened my mouth, someone would walk into the room, or dinner was ready, or the movie was starting.

So, once again, I went the whole night without saying anything and it was again time for the awkward porch goodnight thing again.

This time though, he hugged me and stepped back. "Well, goodnight," he said.

I almost just let him leave. Then I felt bad about the previous night again and mustered up my nerve. "Jon I just want you to know that I'm saving my first kiss for when I get engaged so I'm sorry I didn't tell you but it was kind of weird last night and also by the way I don't date casually and I'm sorry and anyways goodnight," I said, all in one breath and then I ran for the door.

He left, I closed the door, I took a deep breath.

Then the doorbell rang again.

And it was Jon. Who calmly announced that we needed to talk more about this and could I join him on the porch for a little bit.

I sat down on the bench out front, fully expecting him to say that wasn't going to fly with him, so I was either going to need to pucker up or plan on him leaving.

So, I planned on him leaving. Because being with someone who didn't respect my boundaries - regardless of how pointless, silly or stupid he thought they were - just wasn't an option.

He sat down next to me and we ended up talking for the next two hours about me and why I wasn't going to kiss anyone and him and why that was okay with him and the whole not casually dating thing and then he said, "Look, Erynn, I wouldn't be here if I didn't think there was a possibility of marrying you someday."

Um. Okay.

Then we said good bye (again) and he left (again) and I walked back in the house (again). I'm pretty sure that my parents thought we were ending it outside and that it was probably the shortest relationship ever next to Britney's Spears' 21-hour Vegas marriage, but happily, they were wrong.

And what came next? :) I guess you'll have to wait and see!

Thanks so much for letting me ramble on about my memories like this! I love it!

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