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Crazy Week

Last Thursday was my brother Bryant's birthday and his last day here before he headed back to Austin to finish up his Master's degree. So sad! We met everyone except Jon and my dad (who had to work) for breakfast that morning at Bryant's favorite restaurant and then spent the rest of the day hanging out at my parent's house.

As usual, Nathan was the official gift-unwrapper-helper. :) We'll miss Bryant this coming semester - but I'm very thankful that when he comes home at Christmas, he gets to stay home forever! :)

Friday, Nathan and I met Eryn, Eve, Leigh Ann and Hayley at the zoo and had a great time. The goal was to get Nathan to take a nap there in his stroller and that (of course) did not happen. Why nap when there are so many fun things to look at?

And then, this weekend started Operation We Wish We Lived In A Greener State - a.k.a. we're putting grass in our all-rock backyard. We started working Saturday and let me tell you - I always thought we had a smaller backyard until we started trying to shovel all the rock out. Now it seems HUGE.

My dad and Caleb came over to help which was SO wonderful! We would not have gotten nearly as much done without them!!

Also, I forgot to mention on my Fall post that both sweaters were from Old Navy. Anyone gone shopping for cute fall clothes yet??

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