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The temperatures are supposed to be in the high-90's this whole week, but I have to confess, I've been dreaming of this:

Seriously. How cute is that? Or this:

I'm really loving the whole open-cardigan look this fall. With jeans and boots? I think they are adorable.

Now I just need the weather to cooperate a little bit, because as much as I love the look, I just don't think I can wear a sweater - regardless of how open the weave is - when it's 97 degrees, 40% humidity and I'm juggling my purse, a diaper bag backpack and this crazy boy:

I always used to sigh and shake my head at those stay-at-home moms who only wore T-shirts and jeans on What Not to Wear, but...guys?

I have become that mom. I'm begging you here - what fall fashions are you guys most excited about?? I need some style ideas!
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