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Super Bowl Weekend!

So, I would like to mention that when I first wrote the title, I typed: "Super Bowel Weekend!" Thankfully I proofread my writing occasionally. Goodness knows what kind of a post that would have been. Probably a crappy one. ;) Oh my - I have been hanging out with Jon for too long!

Last week, we had between 2-5 inches of snow and so our city shut down for about four days. New Mexicans are not equipped to deal with snow days or below freezing temperatures! People's pipes burst, school was canceled Tuesday through Friday and no one ventured out. And we had HUGE icicles all over our house! Don't you love how Jon is in a T-shirt for this picture? :)

It was actually very nice, because Jon was off all week then and we just played. :)

Saturday, we had a busy day - we went to Clint and Leigh Ann's house in the morning and the boys took off to take some winter coats that Clint and Leigh Ann had gathered over to a local homeless shelter while us girls and Nathan ooed and aahed over the fun new things they have for their little one who will be here in about seven weeks. We can't wait!

Then we headed over to Nathan's friend's birthday party and OH MY, you guys. It was a themed birthday. Top Gun themed. And everything was just adorable and perfect and it made me almost decide that Nathan was not going to get to invite any friends to his first birthday party because there was no way I was going to be able to compete with that.

I have a many months to forget about all the cuteness though. We spiked his hair up with hairspray for church this weekend and it just made him look so OLD. I can't believe how big he's getting! There was a tiny newborn in church on Sunday and it just made me realize how quickly the months have flown by. I'm sure this is just a new trend in life - I wish the days would just slow down!

We headed over to my parents for the Super Bowl and had a great afternoon! Nathan was being extra cheesy (his shout-out to the Packers, I think) for the camera, so we had to take some fun pictures.

Can I just say how happy I was that my Green Bay Packers were not only in it, but that they won? If y'all missed the day that I decided I have an undying love and affection for the Cheese Heads, it's here. So, naturally, Nathan was cheering for them too.

We tried to make a cheese head for him...

It didn't last long.

And did anyone else wonder which was worse - Fergie's shoulder pads, will.i.am's plastic hair thing or the halftime show as a whole? I've decided that there needs to be some sort of a public vote for who gets to do the halftime show. I thought that Lea from Glee did a great job with her song, though!

We tried giving the Nater Tot carrots for the first time and this was his reaction:

Ha! My boy is a veggie lover! I love this picture - lunch time with Pops!


He's getting so big so quickly! He loved watching the game with his daddy!

What did you guys end up doing? Any awesome Super Bowl traditions?

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