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Wow. Best Wedding Video Ever!

So sorry for the delay, guys. I came down with yet another case of tonsillitis (yes, yes, I can hear you screaming for me to just get them taken out. In due time), so I took a few days off. I drank my body weight in water and tea and I've been eating antibiotics like Pringles.

My brother's birthday was this weekend and so my two cousins flew from Dallas to surprise him. So despite the tonsillitis, it was lots of fun! I think Caleb had a great time - it's hard for me to believe my baby brother is 21. Weird...

Caleb's birthday starts the wave of birthdays for my family - between now and January, we have one every month except for December (which is filled with Christmas!). Now that I've got my amazing in-laws, I think we about cover the whole year in birthdays!

I found this video yesterday and I just had to share! It's so cute - hilariously funny! I hope you guys are having an amazing Monday! There are about two and a half weeks left in my name contest, so enter if you dare! :)



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