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Lemony Goodness

It's the last Tuesday in July...already! I cannot believe how quickly this summer has gone!

Today was actually a pretty productive day for me. I say actually because I have been soooo tired lately! This last weekend with my cousins and the tonsillitis wore me out! :) Plus, today is one of those rainy, overcast days (love those!). I worked on my newsletter (which you can sign up for! Send me an email at erynnmangum@gmail.com and I'll be sure to add you to the list!). I worked on a new story (check out my name contest).

I had lunch today with one of my sweetest friends, Elisa. I've known Elisa since junior year of high school and she's one of the few people who knows me very well. I tend to swim on the shallow side with most people. Elisa pushes me to the deep end.

We've talked about how we worship God. We've talked about haircuts. We've talked about practical ways we can glorify God. We've talked about boys. She's one of the precious people God has placed in my life that just makes me thankful.

I hope you have a friend in your life like that! If not, start praying for one. God knows exactly what you need before you need it. And know that I'll be praying for you as well!

Yesterday, I did something that I'm feeling the need to confess. I turned my back on my longtime friend known as Chocolate and made Lemon Bars.

In my defense, they are one of Jon's favorite desserts. And also, I was snooping around Bakerella's blog and they looked soooo good! Lemon Bars are like the epitome of summer desserts. Best of all, they were super easy and pretty foolproof (always nice for someone like me who doesn't measure). :)

Here's how mine turned out:

Hope you are having a fabulous day!


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