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Working weekend

We got up early on Saturday to do some work around the house and Nathan woke up and asked me for a cup of coffee. He looks so ridiculously old to me here.

The boys' new favorite place - the dump. They can sweep out that truck bed in record time. ;)

Next, we unloaded the last of our storage unit! Yay! We have almost all of our belongings with us again!

Nothing like snuggling up on the super uncomfortable guest room mattress to read a book after a hard days' work.

On Sunday night, I pulled Nathan aside, just me and him. We talked about kindergarten starting in the morning and how he's so excited and so nervous and so worried he will miss us. And so, I drew little permanent marker hearts on our hands, so whenever he is missing me, he can look at his hand and know I'm looking at the heart on my hand and missing him and praying for him and that I'll be here to hear all his stories when he gets home. I think the part that gets me the most, the part that made me start crying during bedtime prayers, is that it was just last week I was swaddling him and suddenly, he's this adorable, smart, goofy kid who is big enough for this. Sweet dreams, little man. Time to figure out how to stop growing up so fast.

There's school in the morning.

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