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Welcome to fall

I know every year is like this, but this year seriously just seems to be flying past. I cannot, cannot believe that we are starting up all the fall activities already!

First up - and the thing that someone was SO EXCITED for - Awana started!! Parker could not wait and was ready to go about an hour before we needed to leave. Which, if you know my youngest son, this NEVER happens.

 Two excited boys who are also a little overwhelmed by the chaos in the hallways. ;)

I could just eat her up. We were like, "what do we do with all these hands??!" when we dropped the boys off. Ha!

I mean, it was a good try to get her own spit up, but she missed it by that much. ;) She is trying so hard to sit up completely unassisted!

Building. Always building when Nathan is at school. ;)

He came running in to me like this and yelled, "HEY MOM, WOOK! I'M AN ASTRONAUT." I think I died. ;)

Seriously loving this time with my middle. I had so much one-on-one time with Nathan and I feel like I've had nothing with Parker. By the time he was old enough to actually have time like this, we had Eisley. So, we are soaking up school days when Eisley is asleep. :)

He's home!! I miss my biggest when he's not around!! The house is most definitely quieter. ;)

This one got to try Puffs for the first time and she thought she was about the biggest thing in the whole room. Ha! Little sister cannot wait to be big like her brothers. ;)

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