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Settling in

We are starting to feel a little more at home in this house and the boxes are slowly disappearing one by one. :) I was nursing Eisley the other day and laughing at Kody - he found a new hideout in my closet. ;)

On this particular morning, the boys were watching a Leapfrog episode after breakfast and it was all about doing math while running a lemonade stand. Well, that was about the coolest thing EVER, so they immediately got to work making signs and helping me measure out lemonade ingredients into my only nice pitcher I have that I got when we got married because all the plastic pitchers were MIA. ;)

I mean, who could resist these little faces?

Not too many people, it turns out. Nathan is officially "RICH". ;)

I was laughing so hard because this is totally what I did all growing up - I think we had a lemonade sale about once a week all summer long. We milked our poor neighbors dry. ;)

Little sister has no interest in lemonade sales but is doing her best to start crawling. I can't handle this girl and her cuteness.

Bright and early the next day and back at it again. On this day, Nathan was yelling, "LEMONADE! NATHAN AND PARKER'S TWO-POINT-OH LEMONADE SALE!" Ha! I was laughing so hard! We pulled in some construction workers and Gammy and Pops drove over to buy some too. :)

By the end of the day, Nathan decided he needed to find a partner who wasn't going to drink all the inventory. ;)

I opened the door to get her out of the car one day when Parker and Nathan had been extraordinarily loud while we were driving and found this sleeping frown. She did not approve of the volume, apparently. ;)

Playing in the tent. Eisley was very excited to be included!

About once a year, I have a pretty decent hair day, where everything dries perfectly and curls exactly how I want it to and stays right where I want it. And my day this year was a day that we were home the entire day. #ofcourse So, I took a picture purely so I could prove to myself someday many years down the road that I did fix my hair occasionally during these Little Kid Days. ;)

I feel like things are starting to settle into a nice little summer time rhythm - which means that school is about to start. ;) I can't believe my baby is already going into kindergarten. Cue the sobbing mama for the next couple of weeks.

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