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Parker's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Parker's birthday with a Mickey Mouse party at one of the parks in town! And, true to form, it was freezing that morning!! Like completely FREEZING.

We were all bundled up - except for Uncle Bryant. ;) Ha! Uncle Bryant can be a bit of an Eisley hog - love watching him love on his niece. :)

He had to take a break from playing on the play ground with his friends for some snuggling to warm up. Notice the freezing red nose. ;) He was shivering! Poor little birthday boy.

Over the years, we've learned to just throw a whole wipes container in the car and we always pull it out for parties. Especially when they involve someone's favorite - lots of fruit.

Some of the kids figured out that it was a lot warmer if they ran around in the sunny field. At one point, a man came walking through the park flying one of those little remote controlled helicopters and he was immediately the star of the show. ;)

 The wind took care of the hard part of blowing out the candle but Parker blew anyway just to be sure. ;) I got basically zero pictures of him playing with his friends because it was just crazy there. And honestly, we were all having fun talking and hanging out and I pretty much kept my phone put away. :)

My loves. Happy birthday again, sweet boy!! We love celebrating you!!

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