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Orientation Day

I have no idea how we got here. Friday, we woke up bright and early and Nathan declared he was "too nervous to eat", so he had one piece of buttered toast because it was kindergarten orientation day.


I seriously have no idea how we are doing this when he was only born eight months ago.

Somehow we corralled the nerves enough to get dressed and we all headed out the door, new school supplies for the classroom in tow.

We got to see his classroom and meet his super sweet teacher, Mrs. K. I know he is going to LOVE every second here!

He looks SO OLD. It kills me. He was SO excited. He could barely sit still! We dropped Nathan off for his orientation and Parker, Eisley and I went to a parent meeting for a little while. You can imagine how well it went with the both of them there. ;)

Oh this one. Someone is going to have a rough, rough time adjusting to Nathan not being constantly around to play. :(

Otherwise, though, orientation went fantastic. Nathan is SO excited!! Monday, school starts. I hope the weekend lasts forever.

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