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Of softball games and zoo trips and book releases!

Our week was insane. SO much going on and we're still unpacking! We took the kids to Jon's softball game and the boys ran the bases afterward. It's one of our favorite things about summer.

We went to the uptown area with Aunt Cayce and Parker found a sign he connected with. "IT SAYS TWO!!!"

Once Upon Eliza is here!!! I so hope you guys enjoy this book!

Nathan starts school in about ten days, so it's time for Mama to start looking through all the baby pictures and crying. Where did the time go? When I was 54 weeks pregnant during the hottest July we'd had in over a decade, I definitely did not believe people when they told me how fast time would fly, but now I do. Hold on to your babies, friends. It goes by in a blink.

Parker had his first "real" dentist appointment and did FANTASTIC. We were so pleased with him! And "Dr. Jan" as we call our hygienist is so good with the boys.

This kid always does great. :) He's a pro now, especially with Uncle Caleb's influence. ;)

Happiness is being given a balloon at Chick-fil-a! ;) Sometimes I think that a good majority of what is wrong with our world these days is that we don't hold on to the childlike joy in the simple things that we all start with.

So, we bought a farm. ;) We found out that we have grapes, apples, plums and some sort of cherry tree in the backyard. We also apparently are raising squirrels (pretty rare in ABQ) lots of other fun little critters and insects in our backyard jungle. It's fun to pick the fruit but watching it all rot and get eaten by little friends on the ground is making us think this might be our only year of owning these particular trees. ;)

Nathan got the Star Wars DVDs for his birthday and we finally had a free night where we could put Parker down early and watch A New Hope with him. We fast-forwarded through the scarier parts, but he LOVED it. We ended up breaking up the movie into two nights. I know he felt so big. We popped popcorn and made hot chocolate and buried under blankets and he loved every single second of it. :)

Zoo time!! We went with Miss Eryn and her kids and a few extras we dragged along with us! Ha! Parker LOVES the zoo!

Insert joke about all the men trying to figure out the directions... ;) Ha! The girls were already off down the path, looking at the flamingos, or the "mangoes" like Parker calls them.

This little girl is just sunshine.

I love this kid. He's become such a sweet helper and such a great big brother! I tell people this a lot - six is the reward for making it through the twos and threes. ;)

Eryn and I were both completely flashing back to Nathan and Evie at this age when Parker and Junie were doing this at the zoo. They were so cute. Love this of the two friends.

All smiles, all day long. This girl loves life and we love her!

We ran into our friends Shannon, Violet and Deklan on our way to get lunch, so we all trekked through the zoo together! Look at all these kids!! We stopped for ice cream on our way out to go home for showers and naps. ;)

The playroom closet wasn't working for me - it got trashed on an hourly basis, so I pulled everything out and we turned the front room into the playroom since we didn't have any furniture in there anyway. Thanks, Jen, for the idea!! I think it's pretty great. Plus, since there's so much space, we have lots of room for cubbies to hide everything away. :)

Love watching them play together. It's the best part of having brothers!

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