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New year, new routine

I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way, but since Jon is a teacher, it's always felt like the year starts over in August instead of January. And it was just even more pronounced this year with Nathan starting school!

Little man quickly realized that when Nathan is at school and Eisley is napping, he has Mom's complete attention and this was actually, not so bad. ;) Ha!

School days at home - we are starting to get into the swing of things. He's been doing so well on the home days!

This one started rolling and ends up everywhere - EVERYWHERE. Sometimes she ends up places that seem completely impossible for her to get to.

I mean. I just laugh all day long. She's in such a fun, exhausting stage. ;)

This was so funny to us - we have been talking about Awana for years because Nathan has gone forever. Parker's been talking about getting to do Puggles for MONTHS. Someone would ask Nathan if he's in school and Parker would immediately start yelling, "I AM GOING TO GO TO PUGGLES". Ha! On this day, it was finally, finally Parker's turn for something. Puggles orientation! He got to pick up his shirt and meet his teacher and he held his shirt just like this the entire rest of the night. ;)

I mean, I could just die over the cuteness here. ;) As soon as we got home, he immediately ran up to my closet to check out his reflection. (Notice our half-painted trim - much work to do still!)

He's so happy. ;)

Our nightly snuggle time after she eats. I could just soak this up forever. I think with Eisley, I have a completely different perspective than I did with the boys - I know how fast it goes. I'm holding onto her babyhood with white-knuckled fingers right now.

This is why the Costco carts are so big. Though, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put our groceries... ;)

One year ago, we found out this little was a girl and it completely changed our lives forever. So thankful and so blessed by this beauty. God has given us far more than we could ever imagine or deserve!!

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