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First Day of School 2016

First day of school came as fast as it could, bright and beautiful! 

Nathan was up SO early and was SO excited and nervous he could barely eat. ;) 

Sweet little man. I can't believe we are already doing this! We did pre-k last year and it felt like such a HUGE thing - this is ten times huger than that. Though, it's very different - last year, I was still with him most of the time. This year, we are at a Christian University Model school - he's goes to school by himself Mondays and Wednesdays and then we have home school days Tuesdays and Thursdays. So thankful he will still be home half the time. :)

All dressed and ready for school! He looks so nervous here - bless his heart!

We took him to class, dropped him off and Parker and I both cried the entire drive away from the school. We picked up donuts and drove to Miss Eryn's house so Junie and Parker could play and Eryn and I could cry together over the kids' baby pictures. Then we met Gammy for lunch, I got Parker and Eisley down for naps and before I knew it, it was time to go pick him up!

 Parker was SO EXCITED to see Nathan again! Ha! He ran as fast as he could to go give him a hug! Oh my heart. I almost started crying all over again. ;)

Ha! This is the sight we found when we got home. ;) It's exhausting to be so big. ;)

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