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Eisley is seven months old!

The months are seriously just FLYING and I feel like I just get used to her being a certain age and then, next thing I know, she's three months older.

Our precious girl is seven months old!! She is just the smiliest, giggliest, sweetest little thing!

She is still super tiny - she's in the seventh percentile, which still just shocks us after her giant brothers. She officially stopped sleeping through the night, which is extra helpful considering everything going on. ;) She is not the biggest fan of solid food and would happily be exclusively nursed for the rest of her life, I think, if I let her call the shots. ;)

She wrinkles her nose when she laughs, she is extra happy to be in the middle of EVERYTHING and everyone and she is extra mad when she is not. ;) She loves to be tickled, loves to make us laugh and is rolling everywhere. We just could not love our Little Miss more and I am just praying for time to slow down!!

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