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Working, working, working

We have barely sat down in over a month. I think Jon and I are completely, one hundred percent exhausted. Every morning, Jon gets up and goes to the house and stays there until I join him after the kids go to bed. It's been a long month, to say the least.

But the house is coming along! We had to delay our carpet install by a few weeks since we ended up having to redo way more than we thought we would.

A view from the front room into the dining room. I love all the windows in this house!

This is our family room - I stained those beams and we took the creepy closet doors off. My thought right now is that we will just leave it a cased opening like that and have it be a little playroom off the family room.

From the far side of the kitchen looking toward the family room. My clean cabinets!! I am so excited!

These two have just worked themselves to death. My dad is amazing. He's just been so so helpful. We could NOT have done this without him!

This is from the breakfast nook to the pantry. I love seeing the transformation! I think we get so caught up on what still needs to happen that we forget to look at what we've already done. Because even just a few weeks ago, this is what the kitchen looked like:

Such a huge change already!!

Meanwhile, back at Gammy and Pops' house... ;) We splurged and got the kids Kindle Fires Kids Editions when they were on a major sale right before we moved and it has been the BEST thing ever for these insane days and our road trips. Love how they are watching their show after rest time here. Space bubbles are nonexistent for these two.

Jon took a break one afternoon and came home and rode bikes with the boys. They were SO excited. It's all they talked about the entire rest of the next day. ;)

My little ladybug. She just has me totally wrapped.

Someone has decided sleep may not be her favorite thing after all... oy. It's making for some long days and long nights for this mama. Here's to hoping it's a quick phase and she's back to sleeping 10-12 hours a night again soon!!

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