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Now, I have to be honest. After the last road trip, we were VERY anxious/nervous/panicky/breathing-into-paper-sacks-y as this trip approached, but we were SO excited for this day to come!! We had planned this trip months and months ago before we even listed our house for sale, so we were not about to reschedule it even though life is insane right now! ;)

We packed up what little bags we could find between my parents' house and the storage unit and hit the road for Colorado to see our dear friends Clint and Leigh Ann!

 Her "are we there yet?" face. The bottom lip. Kills me.

This picture!! Oh my goodness! We met them at a restaurant a few miles away from the cabin we rented with them. You could almost hear the music playing when they got there. Ha! Hayley and Nathan have missed each other so much!! We were SO happy to see them finally!!

The two buddies back at the cabin. :)

More buddies. These two took a few minutes to warm up to each other and then there was no going back.

Even more buddies back at the cabin. ;) This place was GORGEOUS.

Hands down, one of the prettiest places we have ever seen!

Nathan got a little fishing pole a little while ago and he has been DYING to go fishing with it. So, we packed it and brought it with us since there were a few lakes around. He was out practicing in the tall grass by the cabin before I had even started drinking my coffee the first morning. ;)

We all got dressed and went on a little hike to see some incredibly gorgeous waterfalls! I love these four!!

My dear friend and precious Sylvie!! I was so excited for this day - this is the first time we'd ever even met Sylvie - so thankful for this trip. :)

Little Miss. Leigh Ann and I were basically wearing the babies the entire trip. ;)

Love this of the whole crew!! And the waterfalls! I mean, it was just BEAUTIFUL.

We kept hiking up past the waterfall and found this gorgeous basin. It was just incredible. The kids played, we took pictures, we all got eaten alive by mosquitos. ;) We'd packed a picnic lunch, so we hiked back down into the little town and ate by a park.

Eisley's first time in the swing! She LOVED it! I love this of the two girls - they were such troopers being dragged everywhere all weekend.

Little Miss wearing any clothes we could scrounge up for her during the mess. Ha! She didn't match very well. ;) It was SO windy and cold! We were not prepared for the cold since it's July and it was in the high 90s at home.

 My sweet friend!! I just love her so much!

There is the cutest little ice cream shop in town and so we had to go and get some after lunch. Nathan was exactly two days away from his birthday, so he had to get birthday cake ice cream. ;)

They were SO cute just sitting there eating their ice cream and talking. Every person who walked by just started laughing at them. We went back to the cabin and made dinner and got our exhausted children in bed and had some much needed catch up time for the adults. :)

The next morning, we got up and drove to a lake so Nathan could finally go fishing. Ha! He was SO excited it was ridiculous. So he cast out there and then discovered the joy of fishing. Waiting. Ha!

Still waiting. By this point, the other kids were pretty much done watching nothing happen, so we had started walking around the lake on the little path.

We started hearing some commotion and I ran back just in time for this!! His face kills me!

His first fish!! He was SO excited!!! He couldn't stop shaking! Ha!

Showing it off for the cameras. He didn't want it to touch him, so he was keeping it at arm's length the whole time. ;)

We let the poor fish go and walked around to the other side of the lake where there was a little beach so the kids could go wading for a little bit.

Needless to say, it turned into a big water adventure and we dug out the swimsuits we'd brought just in case. ;)

 The dads were catching some of the little minnows that were everywhere. It was FREEZING, so I have no idea how they could last so long in there. Ha!

That night, we had a little birthday party for Nathan since we were going to be on the road the next day on his actual birthday. :)

Sweet kids. :) I am so thankful we've stayed in touch with these friends!!

The baby girls!!!

Oh these kids!!! I am just so overwhelmed by the little blessings they are and how much God has given us. So thankful for them, for these dear friends and for our precious time together!

Can't wait for the next trip!!
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