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Moving Day!

On the day we moved in, we'd been homeless for exactly seven weeks. We are SO excited to actually live in our own house! We are so thankful for Gammy and Pops putting up with all of us in their house for so long!

So, we may have jumped the gun on moving in but everything will work out. ;) After all, as long as we have a coffeemaker and a couple of mattresses, we can live anywhere!

Moving Day was CRAZY. We were packing up the few things we got out at Gammy and Pops' house and trying to prioritize what went first. I took barely any pictures, but Nathan got a hold of my phone and so, here is Moving Day from Nathan's perspective. ;) (Which, by the way, I LOVE.)

Couch in the middle of the room, washer in the kitchen, no appliances. Check, check, check. I like the random Swiffer popping out from behind the couch too.

Kitchen floors haven't come in yet. Should be here tomorrow!

Love this of Jon pausing to hug Parker. Parker is not a fan of change, so Moving Days are hard. But there was a lot of excitement about this moving day!

Eisley while I was trying to figure out a good temporary spot for our dining room furniture that we were given from my parents. I am so thankful for it! We were given my grandparents' china cabinet, table and chairs and they are gorgeous and I love that something that my grandmother prized so much is now mine. :)

In our last house, we had our first dinner there, but we worked right through dinner and ended up just getting Firehouse Subs really quick. So, we decided our first meal in this new house was going to be breakfast. ;) It's fun to have new traditions for a new house!

Three sweet babies sleeping at HOME:

Our tired photographer. ;) He was such a big help today. Nathan loves nothing more than to be right in the middle of things, helping out. I love his heart.

This was a big night because this was the first night of the boys sharing a room!! They did fantastic! We were so thankful. We aren't quite ready for Parker to be out of the crib, since this is a two story house and we just want to make sure he's mastered the stairs before we unleash all the freedom. ;) There is enough room in their bedroom for Nathan's bed and the crib, so for now, they are getting used to sleeping together like this.

Sweet baby girl. She was spitting up like crazy and our washer isn't hooked up yet, so we just flipped the mattress around. Sign of a third kid right there. ;)

Our first meal in our new house!! We stopped and picked up donuts and everyone was excited. I made coffee on the non-plugged-in dryer since we still don't have countertops. Appliances were coming later that day!

They are here! We decided to go with a slate color for a few reasons: 1) we took the kids to Home Depot and set them lose in the appliance section (sorry Home Depot) and this color didn't show any handprints or water spots or anything. 2) they were on sale! ;)

The dance party room has become the catch-all spot of the whole house. Oy. I try to avoid this area because I get SO overwhelmed right here. Our floors should be arriving soon and then we can start moving a lot of this stuff out of here. Right now, it's all about sorting things out.

Our family room is a much nicer spot to be. ;)

The main reason we were so ready to get into this house is so we could be here working until 2AM and not have to worry about leaving the kids at Gammy and Pops' or driving back that late. Maybe it's a not necessarily a good thing, but it's been so nice to be able to get a lot done without worrying about things!

Big things we have left: Floors come tomorrow (yay!), countertops should be here in the next week or so (no date yet - blegh), LOTS of painting that needs to happen in the meantime!

We are SO excited to be here!!!!

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