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July fun

Right before the 4th, we took a break from the house and took the kids to a festival that one of our local churches was doing at the minor league stadium.

The kids LOVED it. They did bounce houses, made Fourth of July crafts and we even splurged and got them Dippin' Dots. ;)

Love this!! :)

There was a big concert there too, but we left right as the concert was starting. ;) Ha! Bedtime and more work at the house was calling our names. ;)

Progress looks like a lot of mess.

Another view. All my kitchen cabinets are piled in the dining room there!

And here we go!! Dad and Jon got the first few in and I was SO EXCITED I could hardly stand it!! We were so blessed to get these cabinets on sale - God is good.

God willing, we will be in this house SOON.

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