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Happy 6th birthday, Nathan!

My sweet son,

Today, you are six.


I can't believe you are old enough to need two hands to show your age!! I remember turning six, which just terrifies me because you cannot possibly be old enough to start remembering things. ;)

You have had a crazy year!! And you have grown up so much! Looking back at pictures always makes me so sad and so amazed and how quickly things are going - you have changed so much!

You LOVE to talk. You always have, you probably always will. ;) You love to discuss things and ideas and debate. I can totally see this being a part of your career someday. You have a great mind for understanding things that are probably way out of your reach, and somehow, you still seem to comprehend it. You love to hear about everything and anything and how it all works. You still don't have a ton of patience, but you have come so far this year! You will play with Legos or color or do a lot of things that you never had the attention span for for a long time now. :)

This year, you really started taking an interest in sports! You LOVED baseball and have been constantly telling me that you want to play football and basketball now too. You spend a lot of time playing outside and I love that you are so active. You could be outside all day long (and often are!). You NEVER sit still. Ever. The second you are still is the minute we are getting out the thermometer and canceling our plans for the week. ;)

You are the BEST big brother. Hands down, the best. You have your moments and you and Parker often squabble, but at the end of the day, you guys are best best best friends and I'm so thankful that God gave you each other. You are rarely apart! And when you aren't together, you guys are constantly asking about the other person. ;)

You adore, adore, ADORE your baby sister. There is rarely an hour than goes by that you aren't hugging her, kissing her or checking on her. You have been totally wrapped by Eisley and it's so cute to see. I love watching you love on her and protect her - you tell her every single day (sometimes every single hour) how beautiful she is and how much you love her. I love that she's going to grow up surrounded by boys who love her so well!!

You still love to help Dad and you've become such a huge helper! Especially this year with how much change we've had, we have so appreciated how much you have helped out! You have such a big heart and such willing hands. I'm so thankful for you!

Honey, you are so many things to me. I love your heart, I love your bravery, I love your mind. You love so big and try so hard. I love you with all my heart, precious boy!!

Happy birthday, sweet Nathan!! We love you so much!!

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