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Happy 1st birthday, Gabriel!

Yesterday, our sweet nephew Gabriel turned one!

We are so excited that we got to see him basically his entire special day. ;) Since we are all transitioning between houses, we are all living at Mom and Dad's. Sweet boy at his special birthday breakfast that Nicole made - he's just so cute.

These two were SO excited to get to go to Bryant, Nicole and Gabriel's new house for his party!

Happy birthday, little buddy!! This year has FLOWN past - it seems like just yesterday I was sleeping on the hospital waiting room floor while we were waiting for him to be born. ;)

These two have been killing themselves to get this house ready for Gabriel's birthday - it's gorgeous! I love this family!

The "What Is Happening" face during the song on a one-year-old is just my favorite. Ha!

Baby love! He's just a doll. Happy birthday, precious boy! We love you so much!!!

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