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Eisley is six months old!!

I just CANNOT.

Little Miss is officially SIX months old and I am dying. I have no idea how this happened!

Eisley loves to be held, loves to be surrounded by her brothers, loves to nurse and loves to snuggle. :) She is so smiley and so laid back almost all of the time, but when she decides she's mad, she is MAD. ;) She is loving getting to eat food like a big girl!

She is still super tiny and still wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes. I finally moved her up to some 3-6 just so we could wear the summer outfits before it's not summer anymore! She's just a joy and we could not love her more. We adore our precious girl!

Time needs to seriously slow down. At least, as soon as we get into our house. ;)

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