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All the stuff

We got back in town and hit the ground running!

The day after we got home, the carpet guys came!

It's already looking so different!

And we had our family birthday dinner to celebrate Nathan. :) He picked a the Japanese Teppan Grill again since he had so much fun when we went after Eisley was born. It didn't disappoint. ;)

The expressions just kill me every time! Ha!

Little Mister - he was so interested in everything!

Love this!

The whole crew!!

Afterward, we went back to Gammy and Pops' to open presents and eat our cake. He looks so old to me right here!

Precious boy. I can't believe he's six! He's just such a joy. God has blessed us so much!

The next day, we went to view the slab for our countertops - it was SO bright and the sun was just glaring off of all the other slabs in the lot, so the boys were having a hard time looking at the camera. Ha!

And we had to stop back by our house because we got the call from the carpet guys that they were done!! Yay!!!!

I LOVE this - the carpet totally changed the entire house and made it all so fresh and clean! We don't have furniture for this front room and so the boys decided it was going to be "the dance party room". Love it. We might just have to do that. ;) They were adorable - they just ran from room to room, doing somersaults and flips all over the carpet.

And we decided that now that the carpet is in, we can probably move in and do the rest when we are living here! SO - tomorrow is moving day!!! We cannot wait to be in our own house and our own space. We are so thankful for Gammy and Pops letting us live with them for this long but we are so excited to finally have a place to call "home"!!

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