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The suspense is killing us

This was, quite possibly, the slowest week of our whole summer. And when you consider that we just did a road trip with kids who were contaminated with HFMD, that says a lot.

Nathan's baseball team had their end of the year party complete with a water fight. ;) He and Parker had the best time!

Soaking wet, eating chocolate cake, pizza and the Holy Grail of All Drinks (Capri Sun) - this child was in heaven. My Parker Bear doesn't especially love desserts (weirdo) and he will always pick fruit over dessert of any kind. Notice he ate the cake and left the frosting. ;)

Little Miss was very content to just hang with Mom.

 So proud. He had so much fun this year! It's so fun to watch how he grows and changes each year - he has become a good little player. :)

Three little peanuts up bright and early to help me make a Father's Day feast for Pops and Dad. :)

I found this picture of me and my dad in the depths of the picture albums at Mom and Dad's house. Love this. Love my dad.

Love their dad too. ;) Happy Father's Day, sweetheart.

We went to California Pizza Kitchen that night for dinner and someone was extra smiley there! I think those sweet cheeks grow by the minute. ;)

A boy and his daddy. Such a sweet picture of these two.

This is how breakfast looks lately. I've been getting up around 5, working on my deadline and then calculating costs of the new house while picking out paint colors over breakfast. Once the kids are up, nothing productive happens on either house plans or the deadline. ;)

Sweet friends. Junie is so adorable with Eisley. :) And Eisley loves her friend!

And now we are here! Tomorrow is the big day! And so we made ourselves some dessert to celebrate our last night of rest before we close on our fixer upper tomorrow. We look all relaxed and smiling right here but this is really how we are feeling:

Ha! My stomach is SO nervous about everything!! I can hardly stand it. Praying that God just goes before us in this new house. We are so excited and so blessed to even have the opportunity to have this house. We can't wait to make it ours. :)


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