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Our week

We got back to Albuquerque and moved in with Gammy and Pops in their new house. :) These two immediately went to work getting the backyard kid friendly. ;)

Relaxing with Dad after they cut the lawn. :)

The whole first week or so that we lived with them, we were CONSTANTLY telling Parker he needed to wait for one of us to go down the stairs since he just had never lived in a house with stairs before and he made me nervous. Apparently, his little dogs had the same rule. ;)

His first Sunday school craft and he was SO excited. :)

This little peanut LOVES her daddy. She just snuggles with him all the time. It's the cutest thing - she has Jon completely wrapped.

 We had an unseasonably cooler day and it was of course the same day we told the kids they could go play in the sprinklers and set up the little pool. So, they waited here patiently so they could get in the pool and immediately freeze to death.

We have reached the worm-like state. ;)

The wood floors throughout the house just carry sound like crazy (particularly yelling from little boys), so we do our best to keep the boys quiet and try to have them stay in their rooms until it is a halfway decent time to wake up all the adults here. I walked in one morning to find them both snuggled in Nathan's bed watching Wild Kratts together.

We met the Beechems at Dions. :) Love this - when Eryn and I first met, we were both pregnant with Nathan and Evie. We've grown a bit. Lots of little blessings walking across that parking lot.

Her wrinkled nose smile is my FAVORITE.

Gammy and Pops' new house is right by the river and they are on an acre of perfect bike riding property. So, Nathan and Parker pretty much live outside and in their bike helmets. Because the house is so close to the river, it attracts all kinds of toads. Nathan was freaked out at first, but then, he became a toad catching machine. He was catching frogs by the dozens and sticking them in this little aquarium. This particular dude is Tuba.

We finally told Nathan that he needed to release the frogs in the drainage ditch that runs behind Gammy and Pops' property because he was going to cook the frogs in the outdoor aquarium. I looked out and he was following Jon to the ditch, head down, like he was going to the guillotine.

When he got back, I asked if he released the frogs and he said, "I put my friend Tuba in the ditch!"

I said, "Good job, Nathan."

He immediately burst into tears and said, "But Mom, ditches are DEADLY!"

I hugged him after I laughed for a little bit. ;)

Jon and I took Evie and Junie to CFA for dinner one night when Eryn had Gracie at urgent care. A really cute older couple stopped us and told us, "You have such a beautiful family!" We were quick to tell them they weren't all ours. But we would definitely claim them. ;)

Nathan went "camping" on the floor of his room one night. Not sure how he managed to sleep on the hardwood floor all night, but he did. He was a grouchy mess the next day though, so he was banned from camping the next night. ;)

Oh my heart. I love this baby. She is just sunshine in tiny girl form!

Two weeks down!! One week from today, we will (God willing) close on our new house!! I'm so excited and so nervous! It's one thing to watch fixer upper shows - it's another to actually buy one ourselves. ;)

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