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Chapter One

The big day is finally here!!

Neither Jon nor I slept at ALL last night and my stomach was in knots the entire morning. Ugh. So much prayer going into today!

We dropped the boys off with Aunt Nicole and took Eisley with us to the closing, first thing in the morning. Here's what she did the entire time we were there:

Sweet baby girl. Everyone kept commenting on how quiet she was. ;)

Leaving the title company, papers in hand. OH MY GOODNESS. We were a mess. Like, total, complete mess. I think I cried out of sheer panic.

We picked up the boys and went to go waste time at the best place to waste time at while waiting for funding to go through on a fixer upper - Lowes. ;) I'm not sure who taught these people planking, but they thought it was hilarious.

Making them earn their keep. ;) We loaded up on a few essentials that we knew we would need and then we got THE CALL.

The funding went through! The house is officially ours!

So, obviously, we skipped naps and went straight there.

Welcome home, little family. :) I walked through the whole house and just prayed in each room. I am so excited to see what God has for us here. We pray that it's a house that holds lots of laughter, love and precious friends and family. So thankful for it!

Here we go!!

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