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Summertime on our mind

It's true what they say. You know know how much junk you've accumulated until you move. And after almost eight years, we have a LOT of junk.

Time to purge!!

The boys have been living in the yard while we've been packing up. Parker thought it was hilarious that Kody was drinking out of the hose so he decided to try. Blegh.

I love this so much right now. I read it every day to remind myself that everything will get done, I don't need to panic and I do need to stop and enjoy the days. :)

She helps me remember this too. :)

Little laughing love. She smiles seriously all. day. long.

The boys talked me into a movie and a snack in the family room since it was raining outside and Eisley was sleeping. I love how we have a complete outfit between the two of them. #noshirt #nopants

Saturday morning has us all like "nah".

Baby love. Big love.

Tummy time. I scrounged up some toys from the back of Parker's closet. Notice how she's on a blanket in every picture so she doesn't spit up all over the new owner's carpet. ;)

I paused packing one afternoon so we could have a little chat. She just talked and talked and talked. Someone has discovered her voice.

My sweet nephew had his second surgery this week. Poor little man. He recovered so well though and so quickly. We were so thankful!

Sweet little boy. This kid is a mess. Hands down mess. But I just cannot imagine loving him more. :)

Playing his favorite position again! He looks so little and so big to me at the same time in this picture - how is he this old??!

Buddies. :) Jon and I often talk about how neat it is to watch their relationship grow. They play together so well and I love listening to their conversations. It's such a blessing to us!

Last week in our little house! Cue the tears. :(

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