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Packing and playing

My whole goal for the last month in our little house is to pack as much as possible without the kids really noticing or getting all freaked out about it. We've had so much change lately. I think this would be best for everyone. ;)

Little Miss woke up backwards in her bed one morning. SO sad because this means the swaddle is about to need to be retired! :(

Y'all. My number one question I get when people find out I'm a writer is "how do you do it with the kids?" Some days, this is how. Baby in the lap, word count to meet. I've written while bouncing with a baby in the ergo, I've written while eating lunch, I've written while sitting in piles of laundry or on the back porch so I don't have to look at the mess and get distracted. ;) I've written while nursing and gotten up (many times) at 4:30 in the morning to have some kid-free time so I can make deadlines. You just do it. :)

Sweet big boy graduated his first year in Sparkies! We love Awana - such a fun, wonderful way for kids to learn Bible verses!

My proud boy. :)

I asked Parker to put the remote away one morning and then I couldn't find it the rest of the day. That night, I pulled out this drawer to make dinner and low and behold. ;) We are head first in the "putting away" stage. I can't find anything. ;)

We have talked about doing this race that benefits our local zoo for years and so this year, since you know, we had nothing else going on, we decided to finally do it. ;) We were so excited but when we woke up, we were having the COLDEST, nastiest day ever! Ha! It was raining sideways and FREEZING cold. But, we powered through it! Nathan did fantastic - Jon and I were so proud of him! He did way way better than his mama. ;)

The stroller buddies. Bless their hearts. As a side note, this is the hat I made for Eisley right before she was born that was supposed to fit her as a newborn. It fits her well now. ;)

We finished the race and immediately went straight home to put on dry clothes and get hot chocolate. :)

Sleeping beauty. :)

She's got a little bit of hair coming in!! :)

This day I had been busy making to-do lists and trying to pack closets and organize and I was so overwhelmed and nervous because the house we found that both Jon and I liked was not responding to our offer and we had looked at a million other houses and not found one we liked as much. We had to be out of our house in 30 days and we had nowhere to go and I was just completely worried. So I cried, put away the to-do lists, got us all popsicles and we played outside in the yard until bedtime. Sometimes everything looks better after a popscicle. ;)

Eisley had her four month check up and got a couple of shots and a clean bill of health. ;) Our little love is 12 pounds 12.6 ounces, which puts her in the 14th percentile. She's 23.5 inches tall, which is the 7th percentile and her head circumference is 40.5 centimeters, which is the 36th percentile. After both of our giant boys, we are just delighting in this sweet girl's littleness!!

Less than a month in our house! I am officially sentimental about everything. :(

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