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Eisley is five months old!

This is just not possible.

I just cannot believe that my baby girl is five months old! She is just the most precious girl in the entire world. She discovered her voice this month and talks all. day. long.

She LOVES to laugh - and we love to make her laugh! She loves her mama to hold her all day long and only really fusses if she feels like she should be 1) held or, 2) in the middle of something. ;)

She's a fantastic sleeper!! We transitioned out of the swaddle and she kept on sleeping - a MIRACLE considering her brothers and their swaddle transition! ;) She is rolling both ways now and is grabbing everything and going straight for the mouth. So much fun with all the toys and packing materials everywhere. ;)

She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes! She loves to screech like a pterodactyl, loves to get those perfect kissing cheeks kissed and loves to be the center of attention (particularly if the attention is of her brothers).

I just love my precious girl!!

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