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Best days of our lives

Days are getting longer and warmer and crazier and in an effort to keep everyone from freaking out, we packed our week full of wonderful things. :)

We met friends at a new park in town and the boys LOVED it. It was such a neat place! It was packed though - by the time we left, the giant parking lot was all the way full!

There's a whole section where wild little boys can hit things on purpose and make a lot of noise and it's actually encouraged. ;) Someone spent a lot of time in this part. Ha!

It's hard work to be moving, looking at being homeless and playing baseball. ;) This one never takes naps anymore and yet he was out hard on his way to Little League Night at the minor league stadium. We had trouble waking him up!

Thankfully, he woke up happy. ;) My boys!

Look who came in town for Mother's Day!!! :) We LOVE our Nama and we soak up any time around her!! I think Eisley took most of her naps on Nama while she was out here. ;)

What I walked in and saw on Mother's Day morning. My heart. I adore these two.

All my babies. I am so overwhelmed with how much God has blessed us!! These sweet faces are so precious. This motherhood thing is exhausting and hard and a million other things, but I wouldn't trade one minute of time with these three for anything. So thankful for them!

Miss Priss and Nama. :) Someone loves her namesake!! When we were tossing around girls' names when I was pregnant with Eisley, I knew I wanted to incorporate Nama's name - Eloise - in there somewhere. I saw Eisley as a nickname for Eloise online and it just stuck. :)

Love love love LOVE this!!

Playing with the one toy we have left in the house! Ha! ;) Seriously though. We have very little left here. Every time Parker gets up from nap, something else is packed. He just walks around demanding to know things now. "WHERE MY BOOKS? WHERE MY PUZZLE? WHERE MY BUDDIES?" Bless his heart.

Little Miss was SO proud to be "playing" with the big boys on this day! She was smiling so big the whole time. It just made us all laugh. ;)

We have spent the last many weeks in a slight (read: MAJOR) panic because we have looked at approximately 164 houses and couldn't find one we wanted to buy. I seriously was checking Zillow like every six minutes to see if anything new in our hoped-for area of town had popped up.

Then, the house we really liked that was in terrible terrible terrible condition but had an awesome backyard and SO much space popped back up on my list - they had lowered the price!! We'd made an offer several weeks prior and they hadn't accepted it, but we took my parents and Nama back to it, got their thumbs up on the potential of the house and decided to make another offer.

Two of the longest, most nerve wracking, awful days ever passed and then...

SOLD. They accepted it!! There were definitely thankful tears shed! So excited and overwhelmed and SO THANKFUL. We cannot wait to see what this house can be with some love and care. :) And I'm so excited that it all happened when Nama was in town!

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