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The one where we all breathed into paper sacks

After the whirlwind of getting the house listed and selling it so quickly, we were a tiny bit in panic mode. So, I did what most mature adults who are on a tight deadline with three small children who just found out they were moving in forty-five days does...

We left it all behind and went to the zoo for the day. :)

These two were so thankful for it. They needed a fun day after the chaos that was their last week. We cleaned the floor right out from under them, so it was much needed to just walk around and look at the animals and sit in all the "secret hideouts" our little zoo has to offer.

Gammy came with us too!

Me and my babies. I never get a picture of myself with the kids where I'm not the one taking it! ;) These three are troopers. So blessed to be their mama.

We got home and this little stinker was just SO excited for her bath and wanted it to come during rest time so badly that she just busted right out of her diaper so she could get it and some snuggle time with mama. ;) I love snuggling with this girl any time of the day, but when she's all clean and fuzzy-haired and smells like lavender and vanilla, I just could eat her up.

This little girl. Every single one of her pants fits her like this. Her legs are so short that the only "pants" that fit like they are supposed to are capris. ;) At least pants keep her socks on! #shortgirlproblems

Time to start packing up!

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