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Soaked :)


This one got a haircut this week. Finally. I swear, this kid can grow hair like it's his super power. We joke that he's our little Chia pet. ;)

We have spent almost every single day outside this week. We poured our life and heart into this yard, so we are spending as much time as possible out there before the big move!!

The boys asked if they could play with the water table after rest time and I at first said no, because it's still not super warm out but then I changed my mind. Better use the yard while we can. ;)

I think they were shivering before they had hardly even been out there for three minutes.

Parker's lips are blue by this point. I kept offering for them to come in and they kept turning me down while shaking uncontrollably. They looked so cute (and dorky - ha!) that I let them stay out just a few minutes longer. Then we hit the showers amidst screaming and gnashing of teeth. ;)

This little love. Bless her heart. We packed all the baby toys when we were preparing the house to sell and put them in a storage unit. We are so thankful that our dear friend Leigh Ann sent this little bunny to Eisley! Eisley LOVES her bunny and gets so excited when we pull it out. ;) My girl is the master spitter-upper (she makes Nathan and Parker look like the minor leagues), so note the rag that my other dear friend Eryn made for Parker between her and the newly cleaned carpet. Thankful for friends. ;)

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