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So it begins

This little pumpkin head is such a good sleeper. Especially in this season of insanity, we just absolutely are SO thankful for that!!!

I mean, I just could not love her more.

She convinced me to stop packing long enough to take a short nap with her one afternoon. I blame the cheeks for putting me slightly behind schedule. ;)

It POURED down rain at one of Nathan's baseball games and the umpires decided that our little t-ballers were probably training for the major leagues and kept the game going. You can probably guess how all the mothers felt about this decision. ;) Parker, Eisley and I camped out in the car during this game and I just poked my head out and cheered for Nathan whenever he came up to bat.

She was pretty content to just sleep and not get all wet.

Later that day, we went to a birthday party for this sweet girl who keeps getting older even though we as the Lunch Bunch Moms voted against all these kids growing up. Happy birthday, Julia! We love you much!

Eisley helped me make some wreaths to replace the pictures I had hanging around our house before we officially listed it. The first of what I hope are many days of crafting with my girl.

And then... The Day was here. And I cried.

It was time. It was beyond time. But oh, how I love this little house.

At 9AM, we had our first call from a realtor. I cleaned, vacuumed and dusted. Our house was pristine. We got two more calls that morning and by the evening, we had five different people come to look at it.

We did a lot of this that day. Driving around with Kody and all our laundry and personal items and kids and Sonic drinks.

And we did this. Because baseball season doesn't care if you just listed your house. ;)

At 9PM that night, exactly twelve hours after we listed it, we got our fifth offer. And accepted one. Which meant...

Time to move. Insert the sad, happy, panicked tears!!

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