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The days are getting warmer!

We love love LOVE spring! As soon as the days start to get a little  bit warmer, we are outside all day long. On this particular day, I couldn't even get the boys to come inside to eat. ;)

Teaching the kids the game I grew up playing - Cup Ball! Supposedly, it was named that because you use to use a wadded up paper cup for the ball, but we just used an actual ball. ;) You hit the ball with your hand and then it's like baseball. We used "ghost runners" in this game and Nathan thought that was just the most hilarious idea. Then he started naming them. Ha!

Little Miss loves being outside just as much as her brothers!!

We had such a happy visitor come one afternoon!! Nicole's family lives about an hour north of us and she was in town visiting them and so she drove down so we could get all the cousins together for a little bit! So fun! Love all these sweet babies so much!!

Sometimes, you just have to put the to-do list away and take a nap with your growing-way-too-fast baby girl. :)

Outside. Again. I think Nathan was trying to explain how to make sandcastles to Parker. Either way, this is how they live. Outside. Playing (or fighting) together. ;)

This is the face you make after you poop all over Mom's bed, she decides to give you a bath and then you pee all over the bed in the process of getting disrobed for said bath. Little stinker.

I just cannot get enough of her. Or those cheeks. Or those eyes. Or those eyelashes. :)

Parker did not adjust to the Middle Child very happily. Actually, it was kind of the opposite. But I will remember this day forever. Eisley was playing on the floor and Parker was watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which is a really cute little show that is by the Mister Roger's Foundation. Daniel Tiger's mom had a baby in the show and Parker came running in, looked at Eisley, looked and me and said, "MAMA. Daniel Tiger has a baby sister and I have a baby sister." And from that point on, he has (mostly) loved Eisley and been sweet and protective of her. Thank you, Daniel Tiger. ;)

Baseball is back! We were so excited for the season to start again!

Two tired little boys after the first practice. Coach Jon told everyone to huddle up and Parker just listened to his dad and huddled up with the team. Ha! Could be an interesting season. ;)

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