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Meeting Nama

My grandmother came in town just before Eisley's one month birthday and met her first and only great-granddaughter. :)

Love this so much!!!

My boys adore their great-grandmother so they were completely overjoyed to see her!

I'm not even sure how this started but a long time ago, my parents showed Parker the ending of Secretariat where he wins the Triple Crown. Ever since then, Parker has been obsessed with the ending of the movie and with the song "Oh Happy Day". Ha! He will randomly just burst into the song in the weirdest of places.

He starts grinning the second Secretariat comes onto the screen. ;)

Nathan adores his little sister. He is constantly right in her face or right beside her and he's always telling her how beautiful she is. :) Love that. I hope he is always so encouraging of her!

Love this. :)

There's a park close to my parents' house and Pops took the boys there one day while Nama was in town while the girls had some girl time. My little Parker Bear is so happy underneath all the toys. ;)

This little face. She is growing so fast that I feel like I can barely keep up!!

On the last day Nama was in town, we were getting ready to go out to lunch and Parker started throwing up. He spent the next twenty-four hours getting sick and then like a switch, was back to normal right at lunch time the next day. Poor kid. He had a rough few weeks of sickness there.

I snuck out that night after Parker went to bed and spent the last night with Nama. Four generations! I am so blessed to have these women in my life. :)

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