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Disney World! Day 6

Our last day at Disney!!

This day started off on a pretty awful note. We woke up early to Parker throwing up in his pack and play and both Jon and I were just so sad. We were supposed to meet everyone at the buses first thing, but we decided to wait a little bit and just see how Parker was doing. He threw up once more and then seemed better, so we chalked it up to him licking every trash can we passed (seriously) and decided to go ahead and head to the park. We got to Animal Kingdom soon after Mom and Dad did.

The first part of the park, we just rode Expedition Everest, which Parker couldn't do anyway, so we took turns walking him down in the stroller to watch the monkeys play in one of the exhibits while the other rode with Nathan. He never threw up again and acted totally normal the rest of the day, so I'm glad we went ahead and went. :)

Expedition Everest! Pops had Parker and Eisley for this ride. :) Note the exhaustion. We LOVE Disney but we always run ourselves ragged and then get excited for going home and having normal life again. Ha!

Gammy's favorite ride is Expedition Everest, so Nathan made sure he rode it at least once with her.

My favorite ride is not Expedition Everest, but I rode it anyway. Jon likes to scare me on these rides and I told him this was the last time I was ever riding it with him. ;)

Bryant and Kiki. :)

The crew!! Everyone is so happy except for the Little Miss, who was screaming her head off. Poor little one.

Parker LOVED giving the characters high fives. ;)

We left Animal Kingdom right after lunch and headed to Epcot for naps for the littlests and to ride more rides. :)

He asked me to take his picture in front of this little fence and so of course, I did. He was so cute. And such a trooper. He walked 90% of this trip.

A few of the girls while the others were on a ride. :)

Meeting MeMo one last time. :) Love my boys.

This was how Nathan did most of Epcot. There's a Secret Agent adventure kids his age can do where they search for clues through the countries. We did ours in Mexico and it was actually REALLY fun. Nathan LOVED it. We wished we had more time to do the other ones!! There was several surprises and cute things happened. Highly recommend this one!

I was taking a picture of the ball and saw Jon standing there talking to his baby girl and just had to take this picture. Oh how I love this one!!

And this is how our Disney World experience ended. ;) Ha! The boys were TERRIFIED of the Epcot fireworks. It probably didn't help that it was late and they were exhausted, but neither of them made it through the show and Parker couldn't stop screaming. We'll try again next time. ;)

We headed home the next morning! We love Aunt Nicole! She and Nathan played thumb wars the whole ride to the airport. She's so good with my boys. :)

The flight home was a quiet one. ;)

We love Disney World!! So thankful to go! We can't wait until we go back - but we told the boys that we had to wait until at least Parker and probably also Eisley could ride all the big kid rides too. ;)

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