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Disney World! Day 5

On this day, Bryant, Nicole, Gabriel and Cayce went to Universal Studios, but since there isn't very much there for our kids to do, we decided to stay at Disney and do another day at Magic Kingdom.

We got to the park early and headed straight for Pooh, Peter Pan and all the "baby rides". Oy. ;)

This little Parker Bear LOVES Winnie the Pooh. Like LOVES him. Which is probably partially our fault since Nathan gave him a little Pooh Bear for his first Christmas that he still sleeps with every day. He was in total heaven in the Pooh Bear house!

Meeting Pooh!! He was SO cute and ran right up and said "HI POOH!" and went straight for the hug and then just didn't let go. Poor Pooh Bear had to catch his balance a couple of times. Ha!

Two happy boys with a lot of snuggly friends. ;)

All of the us! Eisley was completely asleep and missed it all. ;)

My two favorite outlaws. ;)

We did a lot of this on this day - stood in line together in the heat. Parker was on his way to melting down right here. We told Nathan that he could go ride the big rides when Parker was sleeping so he didn't know he was missing out and he was not super excited about the plan but ended up having a lot of fun. ;)

Everyone's back!! The others came back in time for the firework show at Magic Kingdom that night! I love love love Cinderella Castle at night!

 Gammy, Pops and their crazy crew minus our sweet Hudson. NEXT TIME.

My little princess in front of the castle. Sweet girl.

Every time we come, we have to get a picture on the bridge between Tomorrowland and Main Street. Best view of the castle in the whole park.

We stayed for the fireworks and this night was a Extra Magic Hours night, so we got to go ride rides after the firework show. Nathan and Parker took off for the rides the second the show ended. Love this of them holding hands while they ran!

Last Carousel ride!!

He was SO happy on this night.

So long, Magic Kingdom!!

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