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Disney World! Day 3

We spent our Disney Day 3 at Hollywood Studios! Today's word of the day was epic and Nathan woke up asking me what the word was going to be. ;) We were up and out to the buses as quickly as we could be so we could get in line for Jedi Training. We didn't tell Nathan about it just in case we didn't get to do it. ;) Once we got there and found out we'd made it in time, Jon told him. I think he was a little excited.

;) He could NOT wait!! Jedi Training was a little later in the day, so off we went to see the sights.

Who is this kid?? Parker saw Donald from about three miles away and as soon as it was his turn, he ran right up to him and gave him a big hug. You could have wiped me and Jon off the floor considering his reaction the day before at the character breakfast.

I mean, seriously.

Even Daisy got some Parker love. It was just like a new kid this day. Ha! He LOVED meeting them! He talked the rest of the day about how he hugged Donald and Daisy.

Hollywood Studios, for all the fun rides, does not offer very much for the little guys to do. So, while Jon and Nathan left to go ride some roller coasters, Mom and I took the littles for something delicious to drink. In a heavenly match, Starbucks has joined up with Disney and there's now one in every park. #praisehands

The Star Wars ride!! Nathan LOVED it. And when we went, the "rebel spy" on board our ship was Aunt Cayce. ;) I should have known.

Passed out babies while the others rode Rockin' Roller Coaster. ;)

Some of the girls!! :)

Then it was TIME. Nathan was SO excited!! They got all the kids robed up and then marched them onto the stage and handed out the lightsabers. Then they taught them the special commands. Nathan still practices them almost every day. ;)

As part of the show, Darth Vader came out and the kids had to use their special training in the force and Jedi arts to defeat him. ;)

Shockingly, Nathan was the first to volunteer. ;) Ha! He was SO serious about it!!

After they defeated Darth Vader, his "sidekick" and Kylo Ren, the kids were all told to turn to their family and friends and pose as a new Jedi. I kept mouthing to Nathan to smile and he gave me this look. Ha! Such a serious little Jedi. ;)

He was so proud of his new Jedi badge and wore it the entire rest of the day. ;)

We went to the Disney Junior show afterward and it rained down gold doubloons and bubbles at one point. Parker was exhausted and he still loved it. :)

And who should arrive there but Minnie Bowtique!! I LOVE Parker's expression here!!


This was entirely the boys' idea. These kids are the biggest flirts ever. ;)

And our epic day three was a wrap!

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