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Back to life, back to reality

It's always a little bit of a letdown after you get home from a trip. We spent the next week getting back to our time zone and doing laundry.

Parker basically existed with all these buddies in his hands at all times for the next week. ;) It was SO cute.

Ha! This face!! Jon and I were laughing so hard at her! That lip was about six yards out and I just could not help it. We are in big trouble with that lip soon. ;)

My little office mate. ;) She rests, I work.

This little love ADORES her big brothers. With all her heart and soul. She gets SO excited any time one of them is around or paying any sort of attention to her!

I love my friend Eryn Beechem. Parker and Junie were both throwing the absolute tantrums this week and so we would just take pictures of them and send it to the other person. This is why motherhood is a team sport, friends. We can't do this alone!!

Any chance the boys get, they are outside on their playhouse. Some days, I'm not sure they even come inside beyond eating and rest time. #welovespring #ourneighborsmightnot

On the 15th, we celebrated EIGHT years of marriage at my favorite restaurant - The Cheesecake Factory!! So thankful for this guy and this fun night. :) Date nights can be rare, so this was a treasured treat.

Speaking of treats... ;) SO DELICIOUS.

We had the best waitress and she was just excellent! And our little third wheel slept the entire time. She's just the easiest little thing. We were so excited for this night. I LOVE our boys and we so enjoy them and their stories and loudness, but sometimes, it's very nice to have a dinner where we can talk and not be interrupted or have to tell someone to use their inside voice. ;)

Friday nights are Pizza and Movie Nights in this house. Always and forever. It's the night my kids (and me too, honestly!) look forward to the most!! Such a fun way to bring in the weekend. :)

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