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Family hike day

 On President's Day, Jon had the day off from teaching. I was originally supposed to have a doctor's appointment, but it got rescheduled and so we took the morning and drove over to the Bosque (the wooded area by the river) and did some hiking around!

Nathan was SO excited. He had to bring all of his bug catching equipment and wear his hiking vest. ;)

Ready to go! The day was gorgeous for a good hike!

Walking by the river. We saw so many things on this trip! We found a porcupine up in the trees and saw a bald eagle flying over the river. So much fun!

The girls. ;) Eisley did not wake up the entire hike. Ha! She loves to be in the wrap or the Ergo - it's her most favorite place to be.

This was so neat! There's a school right by the river here and I guess one of the classes created this house from all of these dead branches. The boys thought it was about the coolest thing ever.

Since there were porcupines in the trees, we had to look for porcupine quills. Nathan was so happy doing this. He could have dug through the dirt and bark forever. At one point, he told me that I could probably take Eisley and Parker home and he and Dad could just stay until it got dark and then we could come back and pick them up. ;) I'm sure he would have loved every second of it!

This one, however, was done. He kept grabbing my hand and saying, "Well, let's probably go home." "Let's probably go home now, Mama." Ha! He didn't quite get why Jon and Nathan were getting so excited about the quills they were digging up out of the ground. ;)

Such a fun, laid back day! We needed this day dearly. :)

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