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Days go by

This little love is getting so so smiley!! I just cannot get enough of her and her sweet little face and coos! 

My sweet Dad has done swim lessons with Parker ever since I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Eisley. I am SO thankful for him!! He's so generous to get in the water with Parker and Parker LOVES it. He's so excited to swim with Pops!!

Cheesing. :)

These two after peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oy. I usually make them take off their shirts before they eat them. ;) And I love the sticker from the clementine that Parker had to immediately put on his onesie. ;)

Mornings spent in our jammies are our very favorites!! I LOVE when we have no place to be and we can just play and go at a nice slow pace. The boys usually end up playing outside for a little bit and then we have lunch and take naps. Those are my favorite days. :)

Nathan has a couple of sets of Magformers and he loves to build with them! This day he made an entire zoo of dinosaurs all by himself and without following any directions. We were so proud of him and his creativity!!

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