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All the happenings

Nathan's school this year is one day a week and then we do homeschooling the other four days. Some days, we do this when Parker is awake. Most days, we wait and do it when he's napping so Nathan can focus a little better. ;) But if Parker's up, he wants to be doing exactly what Nathan is doing.

Oh my. I had to screenshot this because this totally shows you what our life has been like. ;) Poor little guy. When Parker was born, Nathan was almost four and was pretty much self-reliant. He also could understand that I needed to nurse or hold the baby or change the baby or whatever we were doing. Parker just doesn't understand any of that yet.

Case in point. ;) Nursing while also trying to discipline a rambunctious nearly two-year-old has been interesting.

Little miss!! I laid her down in her bassinet for a few minutes while I took care of Parker and when I came back to get her, I found her like this:

Ha! Someone was enjoying their swaddle-free nap. ;)

Jon got his new signs in! They turned out so official looking. :) He's really enjoying the real estate! We are both counting down the days until he can be doing just the one job. ;)

These two. They can fight like cats but they really do love each other. It's like the worst punishment I can hand out to make them go to their own rooms and be apart for a little bit.

Our dear friends Gracie and Junie came to play one day and Gracie left her little baby doll here on accident so we "babysat" for the evening. Nathan and Parker were super into this! And I was so impressed at how Nathan made sure she was carefully buckled into the bouncer. I was a little less impressed with Parker's ideas of a blanket. ;)

Ha!! :)

He NEVER naps anymore, so I had to document this one. Passed our right in the middle of the mess. ;)

Despite Eisley's expression, we had the best time having girl time with Cayce one afternoon! It came at a MUCH needed time when things were just particularly rough with Parker. Love my sister. Love my sister time. :)

Nathan and Pops had a contest to see who could peel the clementine while keeping the peel whole. We had to text Pops the picture of Nathan doing it!

Ugh. Eight weeks postpartum and back to working out. I was SO anxious to start though! It was time for some routine to be back in my life.

Little stinker. He's so so cute and says the funniest things and then turns around and hits Nathan. He's doing a fantastic job of being almost two. ;)

Aunt Cayce came with us to see Curious George the play - the boys LOVED it. They pretended to make golden meatballs the rest of the week. And the songs were stuck in my head for the next month. ;)

#ootd and a tired little model. ;)

I think she's smirking here because she just spit up all over an entire load of laundry, which is why there is no cover on the Boppy. ;)

 Smiley girl!! I love these sweet moments with my girl! She always gets so interactive and smiley the moment the boys go down for rest/nap time. It makes for a very unproductive afternoon for me, but it's so so worth it!

Getting in some Auntie Cayce snuggles. :)

She was crying one day while I was trying to get ready really quick, so I ask Nathan to give her a pacifier and distract her and I came back to this. Ha!

This was so precious. Nathan has been dying to take Eisley in for show and tell at school since before she was even born, so on our first day back to school after she was born, he took her in. He was SO proud. So, so sweet!

Sweet baby snuggles with my precious chubby cheeker while the boys were down. Love these moments.

This was the night before Cayce moved to California and we had all just been crying. I love my sister so much. So excited for this new adventure for her but so sad for those of us here. We miss her very much!

This was not a good day. Jon left to go meet people to look at one of his houses and halfway there, his truck broke down. We had to get it towed back to our house. So sad. :( We're down to one car now and it's been a pain, but we are thankful for the car we have and that this is just an annoyance and not a life or death issue.

She gives the best snuggles ever!

I had some coupons and so I went and bought the boys some summer outfits and they were SO excited about their new clothes! They both look so old to me right here. :(

Daddy love. :)

Parker came running in one day and told me that "Baby Eisey" is crying and it's okay because he gave her a baba. I found this when I went back to check on her. Ha! Poor girl. ;)

Oh my. The days are so busy and tiring and emotional and sometimes, I don't ever sit down once during the entire day. But these three are so worth it and such blessings. I look back on the days of praying for a full house and Jesus has just answered those prayers with such sweetness. Sometimes it's hard to remember to cherish the moments when they are full of tantrums, but I know that these days are going to pass so quickly and I'll miss when they were little and messy. Love my little musketeers. :)

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