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Tying up the ends

This week just made us laugh at Eisley. All of a sudden one day, she went from a newborn baby who didn't really notice anything to interacting with the world around her and she had the biggest eyes the entire time she was awake. Ha!

We have always adored our dear friends Clint and Leigh Ann but we adore them even more now! They have been sending big boxes of the most precious baby girl clothes for Eisley and I just can't even tell you how sweet it is to me to dress my baby girl in some of the same clothes that some of our favorite girls have worn. We are so thankful for them!!

I love sweet baby coos. Eisley is BY FAR my most calm, contentedly quiet baby but she will burst out into some sweet little sounds every so often. Usually when the boys are down and it's just me and her hanging out. ;)

In VERY BIG NEWS, Nathan learned how to tie his shoes!! We have been working on it off and on for a few months and one day out of the blue, he just decided he was going to do it and he practiced for about three hours and finally did it! He was so so proud! And I was so proud of him for trying so hard!

He had to put his shoes on with his pajamas that night just so he could tie the shoe with it on his foot. ;) He has just grown up so much in the last couple of months - I can't believe how big my first baby is!

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