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The first few days

We spent two nights in the hospital with our sweet Eisley - so thankful for our healthy girl and the ability to go home a little earlier!

She got her first bath in the middle of the night and loved it - my girl loves having her hair washed! Since she was all nice and clean, we had to put her in her new jammies. And a bow. ;)

Love this... Daddy and his little girl. She had just had her bath and was about the sweetest thing in the whole world.

Sweet little smiles on her first morning out of the womb. Oh, how I love this girl!

 Eisley's first visitor was Auntie Cayce! Love this of the two of them.

About mid-morning, my parents brought the boys to meet their new sister. Oh my heart! I just loved this. Nathan ran in SO excited. Parker did not know what to do with me in the bed and all the cords everywhere, bless his heart. He was very nervous about everything.

Proud big brother. He was so excited for this little girl! He barely let anyone else hold her the entire time he was at the hospital. ;)

Parker was still very nervous of this little baby. Sweet boy.

 Gammy and Pops finally got a turn. No thanks to Nathan, who was begging to have her back the whole time. ;)

Parker finally started warming up to Eisley and even sat with me for a few minutes, at least until he noticed the IV coming out of my hand and immediately got off the bed. So hard! I hated seeing him so overwhelmed!

Our family!! I love this!! :)

The boys left and Dad finally got his turn again. ;) I was a little bit of a baby hog at the hospital (who am I kidding - I'm still hogging her. I know how quickly time flies now!!), so Jon took advantage of any minute I couldn't hold her.

Finally got my IV capped off and my catheter out! Time to hit the hallways with this little love to get Mama well enough to go home!

Uncle Bryant and Auntie Nicole brought dinner and snuggled sweet Eisley for awhile that night!

The next morning was Christmas Eve and several news stations around town have a tradition of coming and videoing all the newborns in the hospital inside stockings. Sweet little girl looked so tiny inside hers! And this was so fun for Jon - his birthday is November 30th and when he was born, the hospital he was at put all the newborns in stockings as well. Such a special thing for them to share!

We were very nervous that we wouldn't get to go home until Christmas morning since the hospital usually has a policy that you have to be there for 48 hours after a c-section. We begged and pleaded and sweet talked every nurse and doctor we saw to let us go home early so we could spend Christmas morning with the boys and Eisley. Ha! I think everyone was so tired of us asking constantly that they finally just agreed to let us leave on Christmas Eve afternoon. ;) Seriously though, we had the sweetest nurses ever! And I definitely started crying when they told me we got to go home and celebrate Christmas with our whole family together!

Precious baby doll was ready to go home! I about died putting this outfit on her - so much girly sweetness!!

Having a little chat with Daddy while we waited for our discharge paperwork.

One beautiful baby girl and one mama ready to get home!

Little peanut in her car seat!! She's by far the tiniest little love we've ever had in here! :)

Baby girl was so happy to be home in her own bed! Funny story - since we thought we had two more weeks before she was coming, we had just ordered her pack 'n play a few days earlier. Thankfully it arrived and was sitting on our porch when we drove up from the hospital! Ha!

We showered quickly and then drove over to my parents' house. The boys were still over there, Bryant and Nicole, Caleb and Nicole and Cayce were all there as well for our Christmas Eve dinner. And someone was finally super excited to see his mama and baby sister...

Oh how I love my sweet babies!!

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