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Sweet days at home

Since Eisley was born early, Jon got to be home for three weeks before he had to go back to work! We were SO so so thankful (especially since this recovery was a little more difficult). On one of the days, though, he got to close on his first house as a realtor, so our dear friends, the Beechem girls, came over to play and help out - such a blessing!! Love these friends all in their jammies!

Little dimples on a precious little girl!

We have been so so blessed by so many wonderful people who have brought dinner, stocked our freezer, helped out with the boys and done so much sweet things for us! I'm just overwhelmed by the amount of love that has been poured on us. We are so blessed!

Guys. I sincerely hope this girl isn't claustrophobic because there is really a minute that goes by that she doesn't have at least one, if not two, kids right in her face. ;)

Cleaning out the tubs in the garage is really just a good excuse to pretend to be race car drivers. ;) These two just make me laugh.

Nighttime baby snuggles. Love my sweet girl.

We got an infant insert for her car seat and I think she likes it a little better! She still hates her car seat but it's a little more comfy than it was. ;)

Nathan was so proud that he got to hold Eisley how Jon holds her. ;) He laid like that for a long time, just snuggling and talking to her. So, so sweet.

I can barely stand the way he's looking at her - so, so sweet!!

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