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Getting back to a new normal

I took this on January 11th, Eisley's due date and the day before she turned three weeks old. :) Little love has totally changed our lives in those three weeks!

This little man has had a rough couple of weeks. On the day before Nonnie and Papa O left, he started running a fever and ran one for the next two days. I took him into the doctor on Wednesday and found out he had Hand Foot Mouth disease. How he got this when we've been so careful to avoid places with lots of children is beyond me, but he was very miserable for a few days there. :(

Keva Juice was about the only thing that made him smile. Poor little man. I prayed and prayed that Eisley and Nathan would stay well!! Jesus was so kind to keep them well!!

I went to change Eisley's diaper and saw something was missing... ;) Nathan had been waiting so anxiously and checking multiple times a day to see if she still had her cord, so as soon as she lost it, I had to call him in right away. He was so excited. Ha!

Little cordless girl! She's getting so big so quickly!!

I was holding her one night and looked down and just had this huge deja vu moment, so I took a picture and then went back through my pictures of Parker as a baby. On the left is Parker, on the right is Eisley - they look SO similar!! Eisley is a lot smaller than Parker, which is hard to see in pictures, but otherwise, they looked like the same kid. She changes a little each day, so I'm so curious to see what she's going to end up looking like!

Parker was thankfully well enough to go to a very special acrobat show a few days later! We went with Gammy and Pops and had such a great time!

Before the show started. :) Nathan LOVED it. Parker again had his hands over his ears the whole time. ;) We went out to Olive Garden afterward and the kids pretty much ate the table. Ha! We had the best time!

I walked in late that afternoon and found them sitting like this watching Veggie Tales. So cute. They bicker and fight like cats sometimes but they absolutely adore each other and I just love seeing that!

Little Eisley girl is usually asleep most of the morning and early afternoon and then about 4PM, she wakes up and is super alert and awake for most of the evening. So funny how she's kept her same routine from in the womb! I would never feel her until the afternoon and then she would kick like crazy until I went to bed. :) I kiss those cheeks so much I'm amazed they are still there. ;)

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