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Christmas 2015

Our Christmas was a little different than we expected. ;)

We woke up on Christmas morning after spending our first night at home with little miss Eisley. :) She did great! The boys came running in to see her (Nathan was up SUPER early to come check her out) and I was completely flashing back to this moment only 21 months ago...

Time goes by too fast!!

We stayed in our jammies and drove over to Gammy and Pops' house. Santa brought the boys new bikes and they were ecstatic.

Parker didn't get off his most of the morning. ;)

Waiting not so patiently to open presents after our breakfast feast! :)

Uncle Bryant and baby Eisley. Love this. :)

It's present time!! We were all spoiled with so many wonderful things!

Baby Gabriel. :)

Parker had totally warmed up to Eisley by this point and asked to hold her approximately 1,865 times that day. :)

Girl time. :)

By this point, both Jon and Eisley were exhausted. ;)

Love this!! There were seriously babies EVERYWHERE. Caleb and Nicole's little Hudson is four weeks older than Eisley and Gabriel is only 5 months old. It was so fun!!

Merry Christmas - I love my little family. :)

The whole lot of us!! I adore this picture!! We kind of exploded with kids this year - such a huge blessing!!

The obligatory cousin picture - poor sweet Gabriel could barely breathe in the middle and Parker kept yelling "CHEESE STICK!!" while we were trying to take the picture. Ha!

My babies. My heart.

Things were such a zoo at my parents' house and I was so tired from the c-section, that I didn't get nearly the pictures I was hoping to get!! :(

The next morning, we woke up and did our little Christmas just the five (!!!) of us at home. :) Two little boys in their new Christmas jammies were ready to go! (When I bought these at the beginning of December, I almost bought a pair of newborn matching girl ones but decided that she was definitely not going to be here for Christmas...should have gone with the first instinct!)

Sweet boy. :) He loved the Star Wars wrapping paper too.

My Parker Bear. :)

We headed back over to Gammy and Pops' house often while Caleb and Nicole were here and this little girl was such a trooper!! Her first week of life was just straight insanity, but she did fantastic through it all. :) It's been wonderful having this week to settle in and start figuring out how we are going to do this three kid thing. ;)

So thankful again for your prayers!! We cherish them! And we continue to pray for you!!

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