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A fun visit :)

Nonnie and Papa O came to meet sweet Eisley girl and we kept it quiet from the boys that they were coming. ;) The boys were super surprised and excited to see them!

Love this of Nonnie meeting Eisley for the first time!!

Some Parker Bear love. :)

We had our sweet friend Sarah come take newborn pictures of Eisley. She definitely peed all over my wedding dress, but we got some beautiful pictures out of it! #worthit ;)

Since we were all dressed up for the pictures, Nonnie and Papa O decided to treat us all to a super nice dinner and we went to a hibachi grill for the first time with the kids.

Ha!! Nathan was in total awe!

Parker spent 90% of the dinner cooking time like this. ;)

 Me and my Jon. :)

Jon got this picture and it just made me start laughing. Look at the boys! Ha!!

Dying. I am dying. Ha!!

Such a wonderful trip with Nonnie and Papa O! And such a fun first experience with the boys! As we left, Nathan declared that he knew where he was coming for his birthday dinner. ;)

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